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About Us

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offer an unmatched service experience to our clients.

25years vans

EB Transport offers a comprehensive logistic solution

We offer a complete logistics solution that includes three distinct three distinct functions: freight movements, warehousing and transport related services.
Our people, experience and commitment combined with our freight and warehouse management platforms ensure a comprehensive, transparent and reliable service to our clients.

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Honesty and Integrity in Transport

ai??? Our friendly staff have extensive xyz homework experience in all sectors of the transport industry and can assist you with any transport related matter
ai??? Our freight and warehouse management platforms ensure a comprehensive, transparent and reliable service
ai??? We are a regulated carrier with the Department of Transport
ai??? Our client base is broad, servicing both small and large companies
ai??? Our commitment is to provide an optimum service based on reliability, honesty and cost effectiveness to allow our clients to compete in an ever-changing market place


Our company values of honesty and integrity have always been the backbone and foundation of our business. They underpin who we are, what we represent and how we interact with all the people and businesses that we come in contact with.

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noun Ai??-Ai??the quality of being honest.

At EBAi??Transport weAi??pride ourselves on offering a service that builds a long lasting relationship with our customers. We focus on honesty in all facets of our business to help build trust with all our clients and stakeholders.

Itai??i??s our word, our value, our business.

noun – the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
As well as being a core value for EB Transport, integrity is one of the fundamental values that we seek in the employees that we hire. It is the hallmark of a person who demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles. Anyone who has integrity will live this value in relationships with co-workers, customers and other stakeholders related to our business.

Itai??i??s our word, our value, our business.

noun – an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone.
Honesty and integrity are the values that attract the best people and itai??i??s why our team stay with us. Itai??i??s also why we have clients that have been with us since our foundation. The overall goal is that the experience our clients receive is unmatched within the industry. We believe that if you receive a great customer experience then we are more likely to build a long term relationship with you.

Itai??i??s our word, our value, our business.

I had bookings that were required to be done after hours; during this time, I was continuously updated on the drop-offs and pick-ups by your drivers. Thanks to your superior service, I was able to secure my client as ongoing business across Australia.
Anthony Bugeja, Plane 2 Sea International
I think it is important when dealing with service providers to have rapport with the people you are liaising with, I always feel a sense of this when dealing with any of the staff at EB Transport. To have trust and relationships just makes our days a little more pleasant and easier to get through.
Tina, Fracht, Australia, Melbourne.
Using EB Transport means that we can provide our clients with the option for transport in Victoria. It means that we can facilitate deliveries from our Sydney office with the click of a button. I would call that Engineering Beauty - EB.
Derek, Bell Total, Sydney


At EB Transport we pride ourselves on providing customer specific logistic services that are second to none. We believe logistics is an opportunity to shine, to deliver value, build trust and foster strong relationships. Your delivery requirements are always at the heart of our business and we will ensure that you receive an outstanding service that is unmatched within the industry. Our flexible solutions, technology leadership and industry expertise ensure that, whatever your requirements are, we will deliver.
Importantly, we will promote an environment where our people are proud to wear our logo because it represents important values, our commitment to each other and an absolute desire to make good on our promises.


To build loyalty and enhance our customers capacity to grow their business by providing innovative logistical solutions. To stand out and be different, but to never compromise our values of honesty and integrity in transport.


Liz Butler worked in the Air and Seafreight cartage industry as a driver, driving a 1 tonne van for four years before deciding to leave for a number of reasons. At this time, mobile phones were the new thing, so with the encouragement of people within the industry, she had one installed and the very early beginnings of EB had been born. The date was around FEBUARY 1992. A mascot existed in the early days in the name of our pet Labrador, ICE, who was usually sitting up in the passenger seat.

Liz worked in this capacity for a couple of years before deciding to retire due to the upcoming arrival of her first daughter Rachael. Her clients at that time were disappointed with the news, and after some discussion, persuaded her to employ other drivers to do the work she was presently doing. Importantly, these are some of the same people that continue to support our business today. So some long associations had started to form. This all occurred in early 1994 and the company, EB Transport Pty Ltd was officially registered on the 7th November 1994. We were huge at this point. A whopping 3 vehicles.

The company was operating out of a lounge room in Strathmore Heights and the drivers and one staff member had to get used to having 3 young kids around as Wayne and Liz’s family grew over the next few years. Load tonightai??i??s had a whole new meaning in the middle of a suburban street and the neighbours certainly put up with some inconvenience while freight was moved around from vehicle to vehicle.

In 1998, EB found a new home for the business at room 121 in the AFCAB building, which was located up near the airlines. This facility had a small warehouse and a very dirty office, but it was a welcome change and an opportunity to have some separation between business and family life for Liz and Wayne. At this stage, Wayne Butler was still working in Telstra and Liz ran the business. The business grew quickly during the following years and Wayne officially joined in late 1999. Mike Reed and Alex Starzer also started around this time. Little did the staff at EB Transport know how important everybody would be in steering the ship forward over the coming years. At this time, EB employed 13 drivers. Interestingly, no computerised booking system existed and drivers priced their own dockets, whilst the scheduling of jobs was done by pen and pad. A lot different to the technology EB has today.

In July 2001, due to continued growth, a new facility at 7 International Square, Trade Park was built which incorporated a new office and 950 m3 of warehouse space. By this stage, a fully computerised office, internal staff of around 8 and 35 drivers meant that EB was powering along. In this time, EB’s growth was very difficult to keep up with, with all staff having to learn and adapt quickly to everything that came at them. Neutral Warehousing was also established in 2001 due to an increasing need for services in that area. Luke Mason, who manages Neutral today, was part of the staff at EB whilst were located in Trade Park. Again due to growth, and the need to have a facility big enough to cope with the amount of drivers employed, EB again moved to its current location in Tullamarine Park Road. The date was September 2004. Mike Reed, after filling the role for some time, officially took up the position of General Manager in 2007.

All are familiar with where our company is today. EB Transport has been a company that has grown from humble beginnings and is a testament to what hard work and commitment can achieve. To have staff such as Mike and Alex achieve over 15 years as well as many drivers achieving the same milestone, is something that Liz and Wayne are very proud of.

So now, what about the future. We want to make EB the best company it can be. It’s that simple. We want people to recognise our commitment to excellence and delivering on our word.


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