This monthai??i??s blog is not about transport, freight forwarding, or anything industry related at all. Instead, we wanted to focus on a topic that applies to EVERYONE in the workforce. Businesses cannot be run successfully if we work ourselves and our employees into the ground. We need to learn how to create a balance, how to work hard at work and relax and rejuvenate at home.

It is no secret that the work-life balance for a typical Australian has changed in recent times. We have mobile devices that we carry everywhere so that even when we are not at work, we are still working. We receive emails 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We work longer hours during the work week. We work on a Saturday to catch up from the previous week (in which we worked 50 hours) or to get ahead for the next week (in which we will still work 50 hours). We sleep with our phones next to our bed so we are still connected to the job even when we are sleeping.

But what is the cost? Where is this getting us? What is it doing to our employees? According to the Better Health Channel by the Victorian Government, work-related stress leave is the second most compensated injury/illness in Australia. How can we do our jobs properly if we cannot take care of ourselves?

The key is learning how to shut some of those workplace distractions out of your personal life; we need to learn to shut off from work and take time for ourselves. There are many things that we all can implement into our lives to try and achieve a better work-life balance. Here are a few:

  • Set aside family time. And then set aside all phones, tablets, and other electronics (kids, too!). Spending two hours of uninterrupted, gadget-free time with family and/or friends is often better quality than four hours with everyone constantly checking their phones.
  • Schedule ai??? Find an activity or hobby you enjoy and make a date with yourself! This can be as simple as spending half an hour reading a book whilst your mobile sits in the other room. Have a dog? Take Scruffy on a long walk. You will get some exercise, soak up some Vitamin D, and Scruffy will no doubt be pleased.
  • ai???Forgetai??? your phone at home for half the day on a weekend brand name viagra for sale. (assuming you are not on-call). What would happen if that email was responded to six hours after it was sent instead of immediately?
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  • Kamagra Flavored no rx, order Zoloft. womenra reviews. Work smarter. Plan every minute of your work day and prioritize your tasks. Keep yourself accountable throughout the day by checking off your list as you go. Do you keep Facebook open on your desktop? Close the tab. Spending five minutes scrolling through your news feed once every two hours equates to an hour and 40 minutes of wasted time every week.
  • Shut it down. Turning off ALL electronics at least half an hour before bed will help let your body know it is time to sleep. According to a Mayo Clinic study, the light from mobiles and tablets effects melatonin, the hormone responsible for your sleep-wake cycle. Exposure to this light before bed will trick your mind into thinking it is time to be awake, making it harder to fall into a deep sleep.


Old habits die hard. But with a little bit of practice, patience and persistence, we might be able to let go of just a little bit of work-related stress. You can have a successful career and take care yourself, too; it is all about finding the right balance.