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Why do I need to enter the dimensions of my consignment in the booking?

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It is critical that we are aware of not only the weight of your goods, but also the dimensions. This will ensure the correct size vehicle is dispatched and the correct delivery charges are quoted at time of booking.


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What if I don’t know the correct weight or dimensions of the freight?

If you do not know the correct weight or dimensions of the item, it is better to overestimate, rather than underestimate. We can assist you in this process to ensure we have the best information available for quoting your consignment.


What is the best way to present my goods for transport?

Goods should be packaged accordingly to protect them from any potential damage; we suggest the use of a solid cardboard box or container securely sealed. Internal packaging of goods should contain bubble wrap, foam inserts or paper/cardboard fillers to eliminate possible movement during transportation. If required, a consignment note/address label will be sent to you via email to attach to the freight.


Do you package my goods for me?

No; however we will be happy to make suggestions which you may find to be of assistance. Please contact us for further information.


What if I don’t have a forklift?

For heavy or large items, we can arrange for one of our specialist tailgate vehicles to collect or deliver your shipment. Please contact us for further information.


What happens if the receiver isn’t home?

Full contact details for the receiver should be provided in advance allowing us to make alternative arrangements for the consignment. In some cases this may attract an additional fee for re-delivery if the goods can not be left without signature.


Can you arrange house content removals?

We do not specialise in house hold goods removals however we are happy to discuss your requirement and offer an alternative solution.


Is there anything that I am prohibited from consigning to you?

Yes, there are a number of items which we will not carry unless advanced approval is given. Please ensure a full description of the goods is declared when consigning deliveries. The following Items will need to be discussed prior to accepting transport:

ai??? Furniture or white goods such as washers, dryers and refrigerators
ai??? Chemicals or cement
ai??? Hazardous or dangerous goods such as flammables, toxins, acid, aerosols, oils, fuels, asbestos
ai??? Foodstuffs requiring refrigeration or any food not packed that may deteriorate if exposed
ai??? Animals, pets or livestock
ai??? Legal tender including cash, gold and precious gems
ai??? Any single item over 25kg dead weight not palletized (OH&S requirement)
ai??? Anything without adequate packaging


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