Article by Wayne Butler – CEO – EB Transport plant vigra review.

Logistics and Transport is often perceived as a fairly straight forward process. After all, how hard can it be to deliver cargo from one point to another? In truth, providing transport services is complex: a large jigsaw puzzle with many pieces that has to be completed every day here at EB.

EB completes around 500 consignments per day, with load sizes ranging from one kilo cartons to loads of up to 22 tonne. Being an on-demand business means that the allocation of our resources to meet our commitments is a daily challenge. Often in busy times, one booking can mean that our operators have to shuffle load allocations on 20 vehicles to ensure that a particular consignment is completed.

Whilst this is part of our day-to-day job, there are many things our clients should consider prior to booking a consignment with us; this aids in preventing potential problems and roadblocks. Looking at a consignment from the start of the process ensures that we deliver to your clientsai??i?? expectations.

Some points to consider before making a booking are:

  • If it is a new delivery address, what are the requirements to ensure a successful delivery?
  • Are there any height restrictions? Is access adequate and do they have proper unloading facilities (forklifts, etc.) on site?
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  • How big is the consignment? If hand unloading is required, is the size and weight of the individual carton acceptable to allow safe unloading?
  • Are trolleys or other manual handling tools needed to ensure a smooth delivery process?
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  • Is a man assist required to help and/or ensure the security of the load during the unload process?
  • Is the use of a hydraulic tailgate needed? If so, are there any obstructions that may hinder a safe delivery?
  • In reference to the ground at the unloading area: Is it level? Are there any obstructions (uneven ground, gravel, grass, etc.) that may hinder a successful delivery?

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Prior consideration of the above not only ensures a safe environment for all of those involved, but it also ensures that we have the correct information for a smooth delivery. With your help, we can correctly identify all pieces of the jigsaw puzzle so that on the day, everything fits together perfectly. At EB, we strive to look forward so you donai??i??t have to look back.

I would also like to encourage everyone to pop in and see how we do what we do. A quick overview can help create a picture of the coordination and processes needed to complete our puzzle on a day-to-day basis.

Look forward to seeing you here,











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