Solutions Case Study

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After poor service and communication issues with their current logistics provider, we were contacted by the management team at Steel Vision. Frustrated that deliveries were never on time, they were given various excuses after multiple attempts to get answers.
Delays in moving shipping containers and freight from Melbourne to Kalgoorlie resulted in significant cost impacts. An initial meeting identified roadblocks in the supply chain by understanding the business requirements of the customer and the first stages of a detailed transport plan began.


The Solution
Working together with the project owner, we looked at how the shipments were currently moving and the restrictions that resulted. We discovered that by bringing forward the production in Melbourne, we were able to offer different Transport solutions for moving the freight that met existing time schedule demands.
Using specialist road and rail links in both Victoria and Western Australia, we were able to put together a detailed transport plan that matched and met all of the client’s critical milestones.

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Freight train with cargo containers

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The Result
We have successfully moved 100ai??i??s of tonnes of customised product to Kalgoorlie on time to allow our client to concentrate on their core business. By communicating daily and understanding the requirements for all critical milestones in the supply chain, the EB team has been able to deliver on what was promised. Our customer has now resolved his ai???freight nightmareai??? and is now confident that they have a logistics company to support their business moving forward.

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