Article by Wayne Butler, CEO – EB Transport buy finpecia usa. erectile dysfunction pills walmart.

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I recently came across this photo which is quite typical in regards to issues with collisions on the Montague Street bridge here in Melbourne.

What stuck out in the picture for me is the irony of the truckai??i??s logo and company motto of ai???On the road to success, there are no I think on both a personal and business perspective, we are all well aware that things are not easy and no magical wand exists on that ROAD TO SUCCESS.

But I wonder on two fronts.

The first is the number of businesses that present themselves as something they are not. They promote an ideal or perception in which they never deliver, one that they are never really that serious about. They promote a culture of failure, a culture where close enough is good enough, and where both their people and clients often end up feeling dissatisfied.

For me, if you are going to promote an ideal, then you better be committed to it. It needs to be something that stirs passion inside both you and your people and makes you stand out from the rest. Some things are easy to say, but only the best companies back it up and commit to what they promise. This consistency gives you the best chance to drive along that road to success.

My second point of wonder surrounds the number of businesses which have true and accurate measures of success that reflect on the level of service they provide to their clients. Businesses often assume what the client wants and then deliver on those assumptions; but success, and successful relationships, are built around communication. A business must first understand the needs of the client and then be flexible enough to meet those needs. This brings us to my next question: how do business owners know how successful they are?

In truth, many businesses do not know (and probably do not want to know) because the business motto or values may come into jeopardy. Again, the best companies continue to question, measure their efforts accurately, and live by their values.

In summary, my business experience has taught me that the road to success is not a straight one; the willingness to continue to evolve as a company is what ensures you continue your journey. Being slow to make decisions can mean that you break down and stop, allowing others to drive right past you. Persistence, measurement, consistency, and living by your word can make the drive along the success road a great one.

Good Luck,

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